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A - Education and Extension Section - Officers (A015)

2012 Annual Report

Education and Extension Section 2012 Annual Report

The Education and Extension Section has the following six communities:

  1. Advancing Agronomy via Public-Private Collaboration
  2. Advisors Developing Undergraduate Student Activities
  3. Extension Education
  4. K-12 Outreach and Activities
  5. Social Media in Education/Extension
  6. Undergraduate Education

There were two symposia, four special sessions, three poster sessions, and three oral sessions presented within our section at the 2012 annual meeting in Cincinnati, OH. Advancing Agronomy via Public-Private Collaboration and Extension Education sponsored one of the symposia, and Undergraduate Education sponsored the other symposium. There were a total of 35 oral presentations and 22 posters presented. Every community held a community meeting. Social Media in Education/Extension worked with Headquarters in helping people use the meeting app. The K-12 community was active through members’ involvement in the K-12 committees. The Advisors Developing Undergraduate Student Activities held its annual meeting and luncheon. Extension Education held its special display and awarded participants for outstanding Extension educational materials.

The Education and Extension Section held its annual business meeting on Tuesday morning, October 23. The Presidential message and Board Representative report included updates about publications and the digital library, the budget, congressional visit days, and membership.  We discussed possible Section symposium ideas. Both 1) western hemisphere agriculture, and 2) distance education, online knowledge in education and extension, MOOCs or massive open online courses were suggested as themes. There will be an election for the 2014 Vice-Leader and the two candidates are Melanie Bayles and Johnathon Holman.

2013 Section Leadership:

Presiding Chair – Daniel Putnam, University of California-Davis

Vice-Chair – Martha Mamo, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Board Representative (2012-2014) – Jeffory Hattey, The Ohio State University


Community Reports

Advancing Agronomy via Public-Private Collaboration

The Community co-sponsored a symposium on “Collaboration Public-Private: Case Studies of What Works in Extension, Education, and Research: Part I”. This half-day session occurred on Tuesday, October 23, 2012: 1:05 PM with six speakers and three discussion sessions. The focus of this symposium was to explore the opportunities, challenges, pitfalls and benefits to participants/programs for private and public sector entities to engage in collaborations. Case studies were presented of what works in research, outreach/Extension, graduate education, and undergraduate education. The speakers addressed the current education, research, outreach and international needs for the development of human capital and intellectual capital from both a public and private prospective to address the challenges facing the profession, industry and the world as we march to a global population of 9 billion. Attendance was about 50 people.

A business meeting was held on Wednesday morning, October 24 with only 4 persons in attendance, but there was very active conversation by all persons in attendance with the concurrence that the community should continue, that there was a need to do more communicating, and that topics of importance to the community should be written and developed into a white paper for wider ASA discussions.

2012/2013 Community Leadership:

Presiding Leader – Vernon Cardwell, University of Minnesota

Vice-Leader – Harold Reetz, Reetz Agronomics, LLC


Advisors Developing Undergraduate Student Activities

Twenty-one members of the community attended an invitation only lunch meeting on Monday, October 22 from 12:00-1:30 p.m. with Todd Higgins presiding.  A post-meeting email was sent to ask for Community leadership volunteers. 

Community Leadership:

2012 Presiding Leader – Dana Minihan, Kansas State University

2013 Presiding Leader – Sherry Fulk-Bringman, Purdue University

2013 Vice-Leader - Diane Rowland, University of Florida


Extension Education

The Extension Education community co-sponsored one symposium titled “Collaboration Public-Private: Case studies of what works in extension, education, and research:  Part I” with six papers presented and nearly 50 people attended. The community held two topical sessions with both an oral and poster session titled “Applied Agronomic Research and Extension” and “Education & Extension Methods that Work” with a total of thirty-three paper submissions. The community reviewed 45 submissions for recognition of “Outstanding Extension Education Materials” in 7 categories; 29 materials were selected for recognition and displayed in the program booklet and in the convention hall. The community held a business meeting on October 22nd and a networking social followed at the community’s Extension Education Material Award display area in the convention center.

A new vice-leader, Shaun Casteel, for 2013 was elected by web ballot. Shaun’s contact information is: Purdue University, Department of Agronomy, 915 W. State Street, 3-450A Lilly Hall, West Lafayette, IN 47907. Phone Number: 765-494-0895 and email Brian Arnall assumed responsibilities as Leader. Brian’s contact information is: Oklahoma State University, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, 368 Agricultural Hall, Stillwater, OK 74078-6028. Phone Number: 405-744-1722 and email

Community Leadership:

2012 Presiding Leader – John Holman, Kansas State University

2013 Presiding Leader - Brian Arnall, Oklahoma State University

2013 Vice-Leader – Shaun Casteel, Purdue University


K-12 Outreach and Activities

The K-12 Outreach and Activities Community has a broader interest than the K-12 Committees. The community goal is to increase awareness of soils, crops and agronomy; and how they can be used in teaching STEM concepts in high school, as well as biology, chemistry, physics and earth science in K-8, demonstrating how soil crop and agronomic science can be used across the curriculum.

The Societies have supported K-12 outreach with 

  • a booth and presentations (primarily soil topics) at the National Science Teachers Association annual meeting;
  • a booth at the USA Science and Engineering Fair A, C and S representatives; 
  • posters just outside the Exhibit Hall in Cincinnati last month highlighting K-12 Committee outreach activities;
  • Program Planning Funding from SSSA for the SSSA K-12 Committee to have a booth in the Exhibit Hall to inform Society members about outreach activities and about materials and activities available to support K-12 outreach; a brochure highlighting Committee activities;
  • representation on STEM task-force as critical stakeholders reviewing the Next Generation National Science Standards.

The community has partnered with the Diversity in Agronomy, Crops, Soils, and Environmental Sciences Committee on their Platinum Scholars (became Gateway Scholars for 2012) program for STEM outreach to high school students in Long Beach, San Antonio, and Cincinnati. We need to sponsor/cosponsor a session or symposium at the 2013 Meetings in Tampa, November 3-6. 

The business meeting was held Monday, October 22. There was a small but vibrant group attending. Discussion topics included having three booths in the front of the exhibit hall, improving participation in science and engineering fairs, and hosting an evening (or another alternative time) workshop in Tampa so that the teachers will attend. Details for the teacher workshop need to be developed and volunteers are requested. 

A Vice-leader needs to be elected for 2013. Please send nominations to Sarah Lancaster ( 

Community Leadership:

2012 Presiding Leader - Clay Robinson, Stetson Engineers, Inc.

2013 Presiding Leader – Sarah Lancaster, Oklahoma State University

2013 Vice-Leader – TBD


Social Media in Education/Extension

This year the community worked with Headquarters to assist people in using the meeting app, but did not host a symposium or session. The community will be seeking ideas for 2013 activities. The business meeting was Wednesday, October 24.

Community Leadership:

2012 Presiding Leader – Melanie Bayles, Oklahoma State University

2013 Presiding Leader – John Kaminski, Pennsylvania State University

2013 Vice-Leader – TBD


Undergraduate Education

The Undergraduate Education Community sponsored a symposium entitled “Student Centered Approach to Instruction” that included group work and five speakers. The community also sponsored an oral presentation topical session with six presentations and a poster topical session with eight posters.

The community business meeting was held on Monday, October 22, 2012.  There were 20 members in attendance and the meeting was held as an open forum discussion for many topics.  The topics that were discussed included the following:  MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses; Social Media – Flip; Distance learning; Administrative support; Assessment data; Student numbers, and credit hours and credibility; Ethics – teach analysis, graphs; Metacognition – think about thinking; and a possible speaker from Minnesota, a geoscience teacher.

Community Leadership:

2012 Presiding Leader – Indi Braden, southeast Missouri State University

2013 Presiding Leader – Josef Görres, University of Vermont

2013 Vice-Leader – Rob Rhykerd, Illinois State University


Respectfully submitted,

Mary Savin

2012 Education and Extension Section Leader

Items Requiring Board Attention:

Members of the Committee:

Mary Savin (Presiding Chair, Education and Extension Section)
Daniel Putnam (Vice Chair, Education and Extension Section)
Jeffory Hattey (Board Rep., Education and Extension Section)


section & community meeting minutes and reports (PDF)

Prepared By:

Savin, Mary C.