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Inoculum Rate Effects on the Soybean Symbiosis in New or Old Fields under Tropical Conditions
Mariangela Hungria, Ricardo Silva Araujo, Elson Barbosa Silva Júnior and Jerri Édson Zilli
Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) Mercury Unaffected by Wildland Fires in Northern Minnesota
Charlotte E. Riggs, Randall K. Kolka, Edward A. Nater, Emma L. Witt, Trent R. Wickman, Laurel G. Woodruff and Jason T. Butcher
Short-term Effects of Great Cormorant Droppings on Water Quality and Microbial Community of an Artificial Agricultural Reservoir
Il Han, Keunje Yoo, Gui Nam Wee, Jee Hyun No, Jungwon Park, So Jin Min, Seong Heon Kim and Tae Kwon Leea
Early Fall Planting Increases Growth and Nitrogen Uptake of Winter Cereals
Sarah E. Lyons, Quirine M. Ketterings, Greg Godwin, Jerome H. Cherney, Karl J. Czymmek and Tom Kilcer
Field Design Factors Affecting the Precision of Ryegrass Forage Yield Estimation
Raghuveer Sripathi, Patrick Conaghan, Dermot Grogan and Michael D. Casler