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Register for the ASA-CSSA-SSSA workshop, Crop Residues for Advanced Biofuels - Exploring Soil Carbon Effects, Aug. 15-17 in Sacramento, CA.

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HIA, ASA, CSSA, and Univ. of KY bring together industrial hemp science, industry, and policy experts. “Share the Vision” , Sept 8-11, Lexington, KY

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Soil microbes persist through National Mall facelift
Biochar shows benefits as manure lagoon cover
Alkaline soil, sensible sensor

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Genomic Constitution and Relationship in Urochloa (Poaceae) Species and Hybrids
Cristina Maria Pinto de Paula, Fausto Souza Sobrinho and VĂ¢nia Helena Techio
Crop Biomass, Soil Carbon, and Nitrous Oxide as Affected by Management and Climate: A DayCent Application in Brazil
Douglas Adams Weiler, Carlos Gustavo Tornquist, William Parton, Henrique Pereira dos Santos, Anderson Santi and Cimelio Bayer
Effects of Hydrogen-Rich Water on Fitness Parameters of Rice Plants
Fang Liu, Wanxiang Jiang, Weijuan Han, Junsheng Li and Yongbo Liu