Annual Reports


A - Education and Extension Section - Officers (A015)

2011 Annual Report

At the time of the ASA annual meeting in San Antonio, TX there were six communities in the Education and Extension Section. These communities were:

  1. Advancing Agronomy via Public-Private Collaboration
  2. Advisors Developing Undergrad Student Activities
  3. Extension Education
  4. K-12 Outreach and Activities
  5. Social Media in Education/Extension
  6. Undergraduate Education

There were three symposia within our section at the 2011 annual meeting. Additionally, we co-sponsored a symposium with Division C-3. Every community in the Education and Extension Section was actively engaged in the annual meeting. They each held a community meeting and organized at least one symposium or oral session. The possible exception to this was the Advisors Developing Undergrad Student Activities Community, which was very active at the annual meeting, but did not hold a symposium or oral session per se. I think this might be considered an exception to this requirement for maintaining communities.

The Education and Extension Section held its annual business meeting on Monday morning, October 17. Although we were a bit worried about the timing of the meeting, we had good attendance, with approximately 25 people in the room, including representatives from each of the Communities in the Section. Following the Presidential message and Board Representative report, we had discussions on possible future section activities. A couple of the ideas discussed were: 1) greater involvement of community college educators in the society and section, and 2) greater involvement of global partners, particularly from South  America, in future meetings, with perhaps the 2013 meeting in Tampa, FL being an ideal location for this to occur.

 There was no election for the 2012 Vice-Leader since the leadership for this section was determined for several years at its formation from former Divisions A-1 and A-4.

2012 Section Leadership:

Presiding Chair – Mary Savin, University of Arkansas

Vice-Chair – Daniel Putnam, University of California-Davis

Board Representative (2012-2014) – Jeffory Hattey, The Ohio State University

Community Reports

Advancing Agronomy via Public-Private Collaboration

The Community collaborated with C-3 Division to co-sponsor a symposium on “Advancing Agronomy Through Public-Private Collaboration”. It was a full half-day session with nine speakers and two respondents.  The speakers addressed the current education, research, outreach and international needs for the development of human capital and intellectual capital from both a public and private prospective to address the challenges facing the profession, industry and the world as we march to a global population of 9 billion. A sense of urgency was expressed by all speakers that there is a major short-fall in the number of B.S., M.S. and PhD’s in the applied agronomic fields and that this was exacerbated by the lack of research and research dollars to address production and management problems.  Attendance was only about 60 people.

A business meeting was held on Wednesday afternoon, October 19, 2011 with only 10 persons in attendance, but there was very active conversation by all persons in attendance with the concurrence that the community should continue, that there was a need to do more communicating, and that topics of importance to the community should be written and submitted to CSA News for publication.

2012 Community Leadership:

Presiding Leader – Vernon Cardwell, University of Minnesota

Vice-Leader – Harold Reetz, Reetz Agronomics, LLC

Advisors Developing Undergrad Student Activities

The Advisors Developing Undergrad Student Activities Community met for their formal meeting directly after the Education and Extension Section meeting.  We discussed community activities jointly with the Undergraduate Education Community.

Twenty members of the community attended an invitation only lunch meeting on Monday, October 17 from 12:00-1:30 p.m. with Dr. Jeff Hattey presiding.  Leadership for the community was discussed and Dana Minihan will continue as Presiding Leader and Bridget Lassiter as Vice-Leader.  A Vice-Leader for 2013 will be identified prior to the 2012 Annual Meeting.

2012 Community Leadership:

Presiding Leader – Dana Minihan, Kansas State University

Vice-Leader – Bridget Lassiter, North Carolina State University

Extension Education

The Extension Education community sponsored one symposium titled “Learning Centered Classrooms and Extension Meeting Arenas” and nearly 40 people attended. We also held one topical paper session titled “Extension education in crop production, soil management, and conservation” with nine paper submissions. The community reviewed 40 submissions for recognition of “Outstanding Extension Education Materials” in 6 categories; 17 materials were selected for recognition and displayed in the program booklet and in the convention hall. The community held a meeting on October 18th and elected a new vice-leader, Brian Arnall, for 2012.

2012 Community Leadership:

Presiding Leader – John Holman, Kansas State University

Vice-Leader – Brian Arnall, Oklahoma State University

K-12 Outreach and Activities

The K-12 Community hosted a Z-session at the meetings in San Antonio; Train the Trainer: K-12 Lessons for Soils, Crops and Agronomy. This session invited two K-12 science education specialists from the Texas Region 20 Education Service Center in San Antonio to talk about integrating national science education standards into K-12 activities and lesson plans. The next portion had 9 speakers preview 15 activities (5 to 6-minute preview per activity) that have been used with K-12 students and in K-12 classrooms. The remainder of the session had posters for the activities, and tables available for the presenters to demonstrate the activities and interact with attendees. Approximately 50 people participated in the session.

The K-12 Community Group met at the meetings and began developing ideas for a session at the 2012 annual meetings. The community will retain its 2011 leadership for 2012.

2012 Community Leadership:

Presiding Leader – Clay Robinson, Stetson Engineers, Inc.

Vice-Leader – Sarah Lancaster, Oklahoma State University

Social Media in Education/Extension

This year our community hosted a symposium at the Annual Meetings in San Antonio. John Kaminski (Pennsylvania State University) and Janice Person (Monsanto) gave an overview and introduction to many different types of social media. Their presentation incorporated discussion and questions from the audience. During our Community Business Meeting a small, but enthusiastic group of members developed a list of possible topics and ideas for future programs and activities for our community.

We will be keeping our same leadership for 2012.

2012 Community Leadership:

Presiding Leader – Melanie Bayles, Oklahoma State University

Vice-Leader - John Kaminski, Pennsylvania State University

Undergraduate Education

The Undergraduate Education Community sponsored three events at the Tri-Societies meetings in San Antonio this fall. The first event was a workshop entitled “Experiential Learning Methods that Work!”, lead by Chuck Francis and Julie Grossman. We had 25-30 participants for this workshop. The second and third events were a symposium and associated poster session entitled “Experiential Learning and Action Education I and II.’ The symposium highlighted the work of longstanding experts in the field of experiential learning in agricultural education, including those from large land grant institutions as well as small liberal arts colleges. The symposium was followed by a poster session in which 20 posters emphasizing experiential learning in agriculture were presented.

2012 Community Leadership:

Presiding Leader – Indi Braden, Southeast Missouri State University

Vice-Leader – Josef Gorres, University of Vermont

Items Requiring Board Attention:

Members of the Committee:

Drew Lyon (Presiding Chair, Education and Extension Section)
Mary Savin (Vice Chair, Education and Extension Section)
Chad Lee (Board Rep., Education and Extension Section)

Prepared By:

Lyon, Drew J.