Annual Reports


A - Agronomic Production Systems Section - Officers (A012)

2012 Annual Report

ASA Agronomic Production Systems Section

2012 Business Meeting


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

3 to 4 PM in Duke Energy convention Center room 263


Chair = Jim Doolittle

Vice-Chair = Neil Hansen

Board Representative = Rob Mitchel




  1.  Message from ASA President
  2. Report - Section Board Representative Rob Mitchell
  3. Section activity this past year – Community Leaders and Vice-Leaders

11 Communities


6 symposiums

9 topical sessions

5 poster session


  1. Section Reports
  2. Posters for next year’s meeting
  3. Program Enhancement Funds
  4. Section-wide symposia or workshop ideas – open discussion
  5. Nomination of two individuals for Vice-Chair.

Agronomic Production Systems Section

2012 Business Meeting - Minutes

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

3 to 4 PM in Duke Energy convention Center room 263


Chair = Jim Doolittle (present, conducting)

Vice-Chair = Neil Hansen (present)

Board Representative = Rob Mitchel (present)

Meeting attendance:  14


Agenda and Minutes

  1.  Message from ASA President Elect – Sharon Clay

Presented a certificate of appreciation to Jim Doolittle

Sharon Clay encouraged the APS section to nominate new section officers, to consider nominating someone for ASA President, and to discuss and consider plans for the 2013 meetings in Tampa, FL.

She provided an update on journals and publications (changes in agronomy journal, info about the Digital Library)

A comment from made from a section member about the new ‘no page charge’ policy with Agronomy Journal, stating that the change would likely trigger a massive increase in submissions.  The comment was followed with a question about how the submissions would be handled, along with the increased reviewing burden.  Sharon Clay indicated that these issues have been considered and plans are in place to handle them.  A follow-up suggestion was that ASA issue a request for review help. 


  1. Report - Section Board Representative Rob Mitchell

Rob Mitchell described the Congressional Visits Day (see separate document with details) and encouraged section members to nominate qualified students.  Submit applications to Rachel Jankowski at You can also contact Karl Glasener, Director of Science Policy, or Karl Anderson, Director of Government Relations.  Deadline is Dec 03.

Rob Mitchell also provided an ASA membership update (see separate document with details.)

The question was asked about the number of people attending the national meeting.  The meeting attendance count is about 3,900



  1. Section activity this past year – Community Leaders and Vice-Leaders


Jim Doolittle reported that the Agronomic Production Systems Section sponsored 6 symposia, 9 topical sessions, 8 poster sessions during the 2012 meetings in Cincinnati.He then invited any reports on activities of individual communities with the Section.


  1. Community Reports

Understanding Yield Variability Symposium was highly successful (Fran Pierce). Fran suggested that we get the key outcomes of our papers out to the public.Post them at the meetings.Getting critical and timely information out to field agronomists, students, etc. is a critical role for ASA. Discussion followed with around some of the following points:Open the gateway to let people see the video recordings of the presentations.Identify 10 outstanding presentations from the meetings and create a simple means to get them out (ie:streaming video)! It is suggested that the sections could identify these high impact presentations and then honor the authors with a certificate for being selected.IPNI showed the power of rapid outlet by filming a YouTube video of speakers from these meetings.LeRoy Diechman reported on a symposium of drought mitigation.Neil Hansen reported on the Dryland Cropping Systems symposium and suggested that including a poster preview was successful. Rob Mitchell reported on a timely Bioenergy Science + Industry Symposium.


  1. Posters for next year’s meeting


Thanks to those who prepared a poster this year and a plea to those who failed this year to be prepared next year.


  1. Program Enhancement Funds

Each community is allocated program enhancement funds, with the specific amount depending on papers presented ($40/paper).  The community specific amounts will be announced in mid-December.  Sections also have funds that can be utilized.  These funds can be accumulated over multiple years up to a maximum of $6,000.  The additional ‘Reinvest-ASA’ money ($750) must be spent this year if it has not already been spent.


  1. Section-wide symposia or workshop ideas for the 2013 Annual meetings – open discussion

Note:  This year there was not a section level symposium

How much money do we have?  None spent this year, so the amount may be somewhere in the $2-3K range.  One suggestion was made that we use the money for a graduate student award competition handled at the section level.  Or how about a ‘lunch and learn’ type event rather than a symposium.

What is in the Tampa Area that could be special as a feature topic?  What is it about Florida that we could tie into?  Phosphorus mines.  Biofuels and Sugarcane?  Tour?  Who could assist with leading such a tour?  How about a combined session/tour/workshop on Sunday? What is going on with shifting water-tables in Florida.  Note that the Water Security group will be giving a symposium at AAAS Meeting….could we couple with that?  Last year at the board meeting a topic came up that Tampa is a good place for scientists from South America.  Thus, a symposium focus on South America would be a great topic!  Could we couple with the Global Agronomy Section.


  1. Nomination of two individuals for Vice-Chair.

 Nomination of: Emily Heaton by: Newell Kitchen (Emily was not present to confirm willingness)

Nomination of: Amelio Oyarzabal from Monsanto  by: Fran Peirce (Amelio was not present to confirm willingness)

Jim Doolittle agreed to contact the nominees to determine willingness to accept the nomination.


Post meeting follow-up:  Both nominees from the business meeting in Cincinnati declined their nomination.  The Section Nomination Committee sought additional nominees via email.   Dr. Chengci Chen at Montana State University and Dr. DoKyoung (DK) Lee at the University of Illinois accepted their emailed nominations.



Community Reports

Adaptive Nutrient Management:

At our annual meeting held in Cincinnati, several decisions were made.  Also added issues that

were discussed are included below.


1.   Jeff Vetsch (University of Minnesota) was elected as the new Chair, to begin in October,


2.   Poster winners for our category were ($200 each award)

a.   Lakesh Sharma, PHD student, North Dakota State University

b.  Amanda Schoch, MS student, North Dakota State University

3.   Elections for the next chair will take place at the 2013, NUE meeting in Des Moines, IA,

hosted by Pioneer (early August)

4.   We need to identify topics for an Oral session and potential papers for the 2013

meetings in Florida.

5.   David Clay, Newell Kitchen, and others will consider consolidating the business meetings

for the precision agriculture community and the sensor based nutrient management


6.   Kevin Bronson (S4 chair) is currently considering sessions for Florida (send ideas to him)

7.   Many commented positively on the value of the 2-minute poster-track session.  Possible

need for us to do something similar.


Applied Soybean Research:

No report filed


Bioenergy Systems:

11:15 AM October 24, 2012 – Cincinnati, OH

Emily Heaton presided over the community meeting assisted by co-leader Bill Anderson

Approximately 25 members were present for the meeting.

There were no minutes from last meeting.

Two major goals of the meeting were:

  • to take nominations for incoming leader to start in November of 2013
  • to discuss symposia and oral sessions for meeting in November 2013 at Tampa, FL.

Topic 1:  Nominations

The following incoming leader nominations (term to begin at the meeting in 2013) were:


Year (start at annual mtg, ~Nov)




Emily Heaton

Bill Anderson


Bill Anderson



Topic 2: Symposia and oral sessions

  • There was consensus that the 2013 symposium should be in line with the meeting theme of “water, food, energy & innovation for a sustainable world”
  • Considering that the Bioenergy Systems community is not likely to be alone in talking about the sustainability of energy crops next year, there was discussion on methods of communicating symposia or other sessions with other communities within ASA as well as with divisions within CSSA and SSSA.  There is a need to include community, section or division leaders on listservs when determining symposia in similar areas.  Possibly methods of combining all division/section bioenergy topics on our Bioenergy community website.
    • Action Item à Emily Heaton to find ways to connect with related communities/divisions
  • Symposia ideas:
    • Metrics assessment – how are people measuring ‘sustainability’ of energy crops?
    • European perspectives
    • Survey of society was discussed.  Survey would include aspects of sustainability (Economic, Environmental, Agricultural, Socialogical).  Ideas for questions on survey could be solicited from community members via listserv.  The results could then be presented by one speaker of next year’s symposium.
    • Action Item à Emily Heaton to draft description of survey and send to Bill Anderson and Courtney Jahn
  • How to advertise for next year?  At least put table on website with all bioenergy related talks in advance of the meetings to simplify the lives of people interested in bioenergy talks in 2013.

New Business:

  • $$$. Should find out in the next few months how much the community has.
    • New income is based on attendance at sessions. We estimated 2012 oral session and symposium were attended by about 40.
    • How to spend money next year? Suggestion included invited speaker costs, social functions and poster competition.

Meeting was then adjourned.


Crop Irrigation Strategies and Management:

No report file


Organic Management Systems:

No report filed


Precision Agriculture Systems:

Presiding/Conducting: David Clay, Presiding Leader

Minutes: Newell Kitchen, Vice Leader


  1. Business meeting (October 24).  Attended by 15-20 people. 
  2. Report of activity of Community
    1. 70 papers at the meeting submitted into sessions organized by PAS
    2. One ½ day symposium: Understanding Yield Variability.  This symposium was co-sponsored by SSSA division S-4, ASA spatial statistics community, Pioneer, and Monsanto.  The symposium was well attended (estimated >200). 
    3. Authors were encouraged to publish their finding in the AJ. 
  3. Ideas for sessions for 2013
    1. Symposiums
      1. The Agronomy of Precision Water Management (Raj, Newell, John S.)
        1. Or “The Agronomy of Precision Irrigation Management”
        2. And “The Engineering of Precision Irrigation Management”
      2. Making Precision Agriculture Data Usable
        1. Or “Finding Value in Public Datasets”
    2. Volunteered sessions
      1. Precision Drainage Management,
      2. Precision cover crops,
      3. Precision conservation,
      4. Precision manure management,
      5. Breaking through production Barriers with Precision Agriculture
      6. Precision cropping systems,
      7. Precision nutrient management.
    3. Spatial Statistics workshop ?? working with the Biometry & Statistical Computing Section
    4. Precision Farming Education and Outreach
    5. Workshop on using GIS (geared to CCA and potential geospatial certification specialty area); potentially leading to a GIS application book
  4. Precision water management was selected as focus for a symposium
  5. List of those willing to act as session chairs in 2013:
    1. Raj Kholsa
    2. John Shanahan
    3. Brenda Ortiz
    4. Steve Phillips
    5. Tom Mueller
    6. Harold Reetz
    7. Maras Tres  (???)
  6. Tom Muller was nominated by Newell Kitchen for the 2013 Vice Leader of PAS.  No other nominations were received.  Tom was unanimously approved.


Professional Applied Agronomists:

No report filed


Semi-Arid Dryland Cropping Systems:

Dr. Neil Hansen, Colorado State Univ., presiding chair

Dr. Calvin Trostle, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, vice chair/recorder


The meeting was called to order by Neil Hansen, who thanked symposium special guest speakers Dr. Rob Aiken, Kansas State, and Dr. David Nielsen, USDA-ARS, Akron, CO.


Neil outlined two main goals for the meeting:  1) set community goals and tasks for 2013, 2) elect a vice-chair for 2013.


Discussion for a possible symposium in 2013 revolved around cover crops for dryland systems.  Attendees noted well publicized cover crop activities, including:  work and demonstrations including Nebraska (Gabe Brown), activities in North Dakota & Montana, NRCS’ Soil Health workshops conducted by Ray Archuleta, etc.   It was noted that a companion topic for the dryland cropping systems community would be soil biological diversity.  Bill S. noted that in very dry climates cover crops don’t work very well, and Pat C. noted that more data is truly needed on cover crops.  Attendees agreed that some of the advocacy for cover crops doesn’t fully comprehend western High Plains and intermountain west arid cropping and the struggle to preserve soil moisture for crop use.  It was stated that the Community needs to draw in expertise from soil biology.


Gary P. inquired if we might be able to consider a future symposium with the Soil & Water Conservation Society, and that partnership with them could involve ASA Community members in attending and co-hosting a symposium at an upcoming S&WCS meeting.  It was noted that S-6 routinely partners with SWCS.


Patrick C. noted (or asked) if Program Enhancement Funds for the community could be used at other events besides the ASA meetings.


Drew L. suggested a poster session on soil management/arid cropping with ICARDA.  Dr. Feindel, ICARDA cropping systems agronomist welcomed the opportunity to be a part of the annual activities of the community and the opportunity to focus on crop production.  ICARDA member countries need training contents for short-term training/educational opportunities as well hosts for graduate student training.  Likewise, ICARDA members offer an opportunity for doctoral research and post-docs to conduct important work sought by ICARDA.  Dr. Feindel noted that ICARDA challenges include destructive plowing (West Africa), greatly reduced yield (as low as 10% of former productivity) compared to 40 to 50 years ago, and even federal laws that require tillage (Uzbekistan).


Neil requested that the Semi-Arid Dryland Cropping Systems community formalize a partnership with ICARDA.


Calvin T. noted to the group that a limited amount of funds are available to the community.  These funds arise from the number of posters or presentations a community hosts.  Furthermore, there is a process by which communities may request supplemental funding.  Ten of 11 grant requests in 2012 received at least some level of funding.


Drew L. asked the group about locations or regions where continuous no-till farming thrives, and where are places that it appears that some tillage is needed.


Neil asked for possible volunteers for vice-leader for the community for 2013. Allen Schlegel expressed an interest in helping.  Rob A. moved that Allen be appointed the new incoming vice-chair.  Andy seconded.  Motion carried.  Welcome, Allen!  And thank you.


Further discussion ensued about no-till farming.  A key question was posed as a potential future topic for discussion among members or as a community activity:  “Does no-till generated biological diversity actually increase soil productivity?  It was noted that no research the Community is aware of says it does.  Some suggested guest participants for a possible symposium included Jay Fuhrer, NRCS, North Dakota; Chris Nichols, Mandan, ND; Jill Clipperton, Montana.  Guest speakers such as these, however, would not be able to give their stump speech or glowing endorsement without backing it up with some data.


The meeting adjourned at 11:05 AM.



Sensor-Based Nutrient Management:

No report filed


Solar Corridor Crop System:

No report filed


Weedy and Invasive Plant Species:

No report filed

Items Requiring Board Attention:

Members of the Committee:

James Doolittle (Presiding Chair, Agronomic Production Systems Section)
Neil Hansen (Vice Chair, Agronomic Production Systems Section)
Robert Mitchell (Board Rep., Agronomic Production Systems Section)

Prepared By:

Doolittle, James J.