Officers and Committee Members

National Officers

Officers are elected annually by participating SASES clubs at the ASA, SSSA, and CSSA Annual Meetings. They each serve a one-year term.

Being a National Officer is a team effort. The officers meet every month by phone to discuss the SASES program. They accept new clubs into SASES, find and book keynote speakers for the Annual Meeting, determine the host school of the Spring Meeting, and work to make SASES better overall. Officers may also collaborate on other projects of their choosing. The Society staff and three National Advisors are there to support and assist the National Officers however needed.

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Each National Officer also has official duties specific to their position. The general duties break down as follows:


  • Organizes the monthly meeting
    • Sends a survey to get members’ availability
    • Picks a time and invites committee members
    • Adds items to the agenda
  • Presides over national meetings (Spring and Annual)

Vice President

  • Assigns volunteers to committees based on preferences.
  • Communicates with all committees
  • Presides over National Meetings in President’s absence

Corresponding Secretary

  • Updates Facebook and Twitter
  • Submits stories to CSA News
  • Submits updates for bi-weekly Newsflash
  • Coordinates any SASES publications or newsletters

Recording Secretary

  • Sets a generic agenda and share with committee before the meeting
  • Sends out minutes from each meeting.
  • Keeps track of delegates at National Meetings when attendance or voting is needed

Member Relations

  • Communicates with existing and potential clubs
  • Presents new club petitions at the business meeting
  • Sends renewal form to clubs

View the full list of duties for each officer

If you still have questions about specific officer positions – ask the current officer.

All candidates must submit a profile before the election. This allows delegates and other students to learn more about each candidate before the election. Candidate profiles will be posted here.

2017 National Officers

2017 National Officers

Left to Right: Kathryn Rocha: President, Sarah Zerger: Membership Coordinator, Katelyn Fritz: Vice President, Elena Brookover: Recording Secretary, Grace Ogden: Corresponding Secretary

Committee Service

If you don’t want to be a National Officer, but still want to help out – volunteer to be on a committee. Committee members help organize and run contests at the Annual Meeting, find entertainment for the socials, announce winners, and help the National Officers by coming up with ideas to make the program better. The sign-up for committee volunteers is now open. Committee members will be appointed by the National Officers based on volunteer's preferences.