Collegiate Crops Judging Contest

Group Photo of Crops Contest Participants and Coaches

The National Crops Judging Contest consists of three parts: plant and seed identification, commercial grain grading, and seed analysis. The Kansas City and Chicago contests represent the national finals of collegiate crops competition for the year. Preparation for crops contests teaches evaluation of crops for quality relative to certification, viability and marketing. Students learn in great depth many things which can be valuable regardless of their chosen profession in agronomy. More information can be found at 2016 Contest Rules.(PDF)


Dates for 2016 contest are:

Kansas City - Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Chicago - Saturday, November 19, 2016


2015 Collegiate Crops Contest Results

K State - First Place

Kansas State took first overall. Left to Right: Curt Zuckert (presenter), Nicole Sudbeck, Michaela Simmelink, Samantha L'Ecuyer

Kansas City American Royal Collegiate Crops Contest presented by CHS

Held at National Grain Center, Nov. 24, 2015

Additional Sponsors: American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, DuPont Pioneer, South Dakota Crop Improvement Assn, Federal Grain Inspection Service, South Dakota Seed Testing Laboratory


Chicago Collegiate Crops Contest presented by CME Group

Held at Loyola University Water Tower Campus, Nov. 21, 2015

Additional Sponsors: GROWMARK, Society of Commercial Seed Technologists, American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, Federal Grain Inspection Service, South Dakota Seed Testing Laboratory

Kansas City Team Rankings

1    Kansas State
2    Wisconsin-Platteville
3    Minnesota-Crookston
4    Iowa State
5    South Dakota State


Kansas City Individual Rankings

1    Samantha L'Ecuyer, Kansas State
2    Nicole Sudbeck, Kansas State
3    Michael Simmelink, Kansas State
4    Joel Dieckhoff, Wisconsin-Platteville
5    Emily Hefty, Wisconsin-Platteville
6    Abby Sawatzke, Minnesota-Crookston
7    Katelyn Mauk, Wisconsin-Platteville
8    Blake Greiner, Minnesota-Crookston
9    Madelyn Anderson, South Dakota State
10    Katharina Wigg, Iowa State


Chicago Team Rankings

1    Kansas State
2    Wisconsin-Platteville
3    Minnesota-Crookston
4    Iowa State
5    South Dakota State


Chicago Individual Rankings

1    Samantha L'Ecuyer, Kansas State
2    Nicole Sudbeck, Kansas State
3    Michael Simmelink, Kansas State
4    Joel Dieckhoff, Wisconsin-Platteville
5    Emily Hefty, Wisconsin-Platteville
6    Katelyn Mauk, Wisconsin-Platteville
7    Blake Greiner, Minnesota-Crookston
8    Madelyn Anderson, South Dakota State
9    Abby Sawatzke, Minnesota-Crookston
10    Jay Green, Murray State



UWP second place team

University of Wisconsin - Platteville  took second overall. Left to Right:  Emily Hefty,Curt Zuckert (presenter), Katelyn Mauk, Joel Dieckhoff

Crookston third place team

University of Minnesota -  Crookston took third overall. Left to right: Abby Sawatzke, Curt Zuckert (presenter), Blake Greiner, Blake Erickson

2016 Officers of the Coaches Committee

Wheat close-up

Chair - Rob Proulx, University of Minnesota-Crookston

Vice Chair - Erik Christian, Iowa State University

Secretary/Contest Coordinator - Kevin Donnelly, Kansas State University


If you're interested in putting together a Crops Judging Team or participating in the next contest, please contact the secretary of the coaches committee, Kevin Donnelly at