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Advocacy Toolkit

Take a look at some of the resources the Science Policy Office offers to help you be successful in your advocacy efforts:

Find Your Members of Congress!


How to Schedule a Local Congressional Meeting - Step by step instructions to help you contact your members of Congress and schedule a local meeting.

Tips for Communicating with Congress - Members of Congress and their staff often speak a very different language from scientsts. Use these tips to effectivly convey your message and make the most out of your meeting.

Meeting Guidelines and Talking Points - Here is a list of talking points you can use in your meeting. This document could even be used as a "script" in your meeting.

Materials to use in your meetings:

  1. State Fact Sheets
  2. Research & Development "Ask" 
  3. AFRI & ARS "Ask" 


Share your story

Members of Congress respond positively when your research description is presented as a story. Practice crafting your research narrative here with some science communication tips.