Figure 1.

(A) The estimated population structures for Agrostis stolonifera simple sequence repeat (SSR) data at the inferred cluster numbers of K = 2 and K = 6. Populations are labeled above the figure. Graphics are shown for STRUCTURE runs with the highest probability (upper) and for next most probable clustering mode (lower) at that K Individual membership coefficients are represented by 87 vertical bars partitioned into K color segments. The K = 2 results primarily show the distinction between crop and wild genotypes. Both highest probability and next most probable K = 6 clustering modes assigned the majority of individuals to clusters that correspond to their sources. (B) Three-dimensional representation of first three principal coordinates showing the relationships among individuals based on Rogers' modified distance. (C) Ancestry estimation for Ona Beach × Crenshaw F1 A. stolonifera hybrids compared to parents and CBG-1 plants (outgroup). Individuals are sorted within clusters based on estimated ancestry relative to the Ona Beach parent at K = 3. Hybrid genotypes are variously admixed between those of the parents.