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Have you read or do you know of a recently published book in the agronomic sciences that you would like to submit for review in Agronomy Journal? Here’s how to begin the process:
Compile the following information for the submission process: official book title, author and/or editor, ISBN number, publisher, year published, number of pages, cost, and your rating (1-5). The Agronomy Journal Book Review Editor, Maher Noaman, will review your submission and notify you of his decision. The book you review should be related to the agronomic sciences and published within the last two years.
Use up to a total of 600 words to assess the content and value of the book. Remember that some books may be appropriate for researchers whereas others may be more useful for students, advanced graduate students, or teaching faculty. Please be professional and respectful as you prepare your review. It is best to clear formatting before you copy and paste your review into the system. Remember to rate the book on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best).
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Are you looking for reviews of books recently published in the agronomic sciences? Search the Agronomy Journal book reviews by entering a word from the title, the author or editor name, ISBN number, publisher, or year published.
We also provide a list of the "New Books Received" at our publications office so you can see some of the recently published literature. Check it out and make your own "wish list" for your reading pleasure. 
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