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ATS Proceedings | Bouyoucos Conference on Constructed Rootzones

Applied Turfgrass Science Proceedings | The Bouyoucos Conference on the Advances
in Research on Soil Biological, Chemical and Physical Properties for Sustainable
Constructed Rootzones

May 20−23, 2012 • Philadelphia, PA, USA

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Thank you for taking time to visit the proceedings of The Bouyoucos Conference on Constructed Rootzones.

The conference was attended by 51 participants representing 9 countries, and we extend our thanks to all the attendees and to the authors of these proceedings. The goal of the conference was to explore the frontiers of recent soil biophysical, biochemical, and hydrological research, and to stimulate an interdisciplinary exchange of research-based information resulting in the development of novel experimental approaches and solutions to develop sustainable performance and productivity standards of constructed rootzones.
The conference assembled leading agronomy, plant, and soil scientists, with eminent researchers working at the frontiers of soil physics, chemistry and biology to enhance our knowledge of constructed soils; encourage, establish and promote interdisciplinary research collaborations and exchange of research-based information among scientists from academia, government,
and industry to pursue, expedite, and transfer advances to the field; develop and explore novel research techniques and methods not normally discussed or considered among plant and soil scientists; and to construct multidisciplinary teams that generate research proposals for governmental agency support in understanding properties and functionality of constructed soil rootzones.

Conference outcomes included these proceedings and other published articles, initiation of a global network for the collaboration and exchange of information among applied and basic researchers, and identification of strategies and directions for future research in the area of sustainable, engineered soil-based systems and constructed rootzones.


Enjoy the proceedings!


Conference Committee:

John Cisar, Ph.D., Univeristy of Florida (Gainesville, FL)

Mike Fidanza*, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University (Reading, PA)

Stan Kostka, Ph.D., Aquatrols Corporation (Paulsboro, NJ)

Larry Norton, Bayer CropScience (Research Triangle Park, NJ)

Coen Ritsema, Ph.D., Alterra Research Institute (Wagen, Netherlands)



Honorary Co-Chairs:

George Snyder, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor, University of Florida (Belle Glade, FL)

Don Waddington, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor, Pennsylvania State University (Boalsburg, PA)


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Review and Historical Perspective of the USGA Green Section Specifications for Golf Course Green Construction James Moore and Stanley Zontek | Abstract

Biophysical Constraints and Opportunities for Constructed Root Zones Paul Hallett | Abstract

Hydraulic Conductivity of Rootzone Mixtures with High Peat to Sand Ratios Deying Li and Lulu Wang | Abstract

Soil Surfactant and Fungicide Influence on Soil Moisture, Disease Presence and Quality of ‘Champion’ Ultradwarf Bermudagrass Grown on a USGA Specified Constructed Rootzone in South Carolina, U.S.A. Dara Park and S. B. Martin | Abstract

Correlating Particle Shape Parameters to Bulk Properties and Load Stress at Two Water Contents N. A. Miller and Jason Henderson | Abstract

Changes in Sand Rootzone Physical Properties and Functional Performance Characteristics from Contrasting Cultivation and Sand Topdressing Programs Cale Bigelow | Abstract

Managing Stress in Turfgrasses Using Chemical Intervention and Employing Techniques for Quantitative Measurement Richard Rees, Sr. | Abstract

Minimum Levels for Sustainable Nutrition (MLSN) Larry Stowell and Micah Woods | Abstract

Hydraulic Conductivity of Rootzones Affected by Different Leaching Fraction and Salinity Component of Leaching Solution Deying Li and Lulu Wang | Abstract

Pesticide Degradation in Turfgrass Thatch Mark Carroll | Abstract

Root Growth in 2D Wet Granular Media Modified by Intrusions Remi Dreyfus | Abstract

Inorganic Root Zone Amendments: Effect on Putting Green Physical and Chemical Properties Elizabeth Guertal | Abstract

Roots of Vetiver Grass (Vetiveria zazanioides) Ameliorates the Surface Structure of a Degraded Hutton Soil in a Semi-arid Environment of South Africa Simeon Materechera | Abstract

Soil Surfactants and Humic Acid Application Affects Water Retention, Repellency and Localized Dry Spot in a Sand Based Rootzone Cale Bigelow, Adam Moeller and Jared R. Nemitz | Abstract

Root Water Uptake and Rhizosphere Dynamics Andrea Carminati | Abstract

Development of Turfgrass Management Systems for Green Roof-type Applications John Cisar | Abstract

Monitoring Organic Matter and Other Characteristics of Golf Course Greens George Snyder and John Cisar | Abstract

A Field Trial Comparing 20 Different Rootzone Mixes of Various Organic and Inorganic Amendments Dan Dinelli | Abstract

Mimicking a Soil in a Soilless Medium Joel Simmons | Abstract

How Management of Plants on Constructed Rootzones Influences Root Growth and Plant Competition Eric M. Lyons | Abstract

Constructed Rootzones for Green Roof Systems P. Nektarios, N. Ntoulas, G. Kotopoulis, E. Nydrioti, D. Barela, T. Kapsali, G. Amountzias, I. Kokkinou and A.T. Paraskevopoulou | Abstract

Green Roof Substrates and Their Potential Effects on Plant Growth Michael Olszewski, J. A. D’Agostino and C. M. Vertenten | Abstract

Compost(able) Research at Longwood Gardens Matt Taylor | Abstract

A Summary of Soil Hydrophobicity Trials in U.S. Golf Course Greens Mica McMillan, S. J. Kostka, K. E. Williams, J. L. Cisar and T. Boerth | Abstract

Use of Humate Dispersible Granule Technology as a Soil Amendment in Turfgrass and Horticultural Soils John Pope, Robert Eichenberg and Tim Birthisel | Abstract

Troublesome and Emerging Turf Diseases of Golf Course Greens Maintained on Constructed Rootzones Derek Settle and Mike Fidanza | Abstract