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Wheat InitiativeWheat is a major staple for the world's food supply and increasing sustainable production in the face of climate variation around the world is necessary to continue to meet the demand. The Wheat Initiative Expert Working Group (EWG) for Agronomy focuses on developing a gold standard cropping system for wheat that embraces the achievement of yield potentail, ensures profitability, and enhances the sustainability of the production system through the building of soil heath, slowing the evolution of weed resistance, maintaining beneficial insect populations, providing ecosystem services, and enhancing the stability of wheat yields across time and space. The development of this gold standard for wheat embraces all of the aspects of agronomy and is part of the wheat initiative encompassing international scientists from a wide range of disciplines. One of the goals of this EWG is to determine why yield gaps exist in wheat and the paths to being able to close these gaps. The interactions among the participants in this group will foster information sharing and joint research investigations directed toward the gold standard of cropping systems. 


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