U.S.-Sino Agricultural Research Forum

As an emergent country, China has significantly increased its efforts in R & D in agriculture and strengthened research collaboration with agricultural scientists in US and elsewhere in the world. In the recent years, we have seen a rapid increase in the number of participants from China to the Annual Meetings and memberships in the Society. There are many common interests in agricultural and environmental science research between China and US. This professional community will consist of scientists in agricultural and environmental sciences from both U.S. and China. The establishment of this international community will provide a platform for academic exchange and research collaboration, attract more scientists and students to participate in the Annual Meetings and to be members of the Society, and create more opportunities for future collaboration in research. Consequently, it will benefit to the society and community life of both US and China

The mission of the U.S.-Sino Agricultural Research community is to facilitate the communications among scientists in both countries by sponsoring and organizing symposia and resea.rch forums and to promote collaborations in research and education of common interests in the fields of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. The Association of Chinese Soil and Plant Scientists in North America (ACSPSNA), an affiliated organization with the tri-societies with more than 200 members, will work closely with this community to create opportunities and meet future challenges. Please join us to promote U.S.-Sino collaboration in agricultural research!

This community plans to:

  1. Sponsor symposia  on high priority areas of mutual interests at the tri-society annual meetings;
  2. Organize workshops of specific topics which are common interests of both US and Sino scientists;
  3. Establish awards to scientists who have made outstanding contribution to agricultural production in China and US;
  4. Promote academic exchange and research collaboration between institutions and universities in China and USA;
  5. Co-publish proceedings, books or special issues.