Spatial Statistics Applications Community

The Spatial Statistics Applications Community is an ASA Community within the Biometry and Statistical Computing Section.


There is great interest among agronomists in the effect of spatial variability when conducting agricultural experimentation.  This community will enhance the knowledge and application of spatial methods applied to agricultural data analyses.

Agricultural researchers often deal with spatial variability in their experimental fields.  Spatial statistics facilitate the development of models to estimate the influence of spatial dependence, and provide a powerful tool for: estimation of treatment effects, correlation structure, prediction of unobserved data, and the design of experiments.


The goal of this community is to provide a venue to discuss current spatial statistical applications in agricultural sciences.

More specifically the objectives of this community are:

  • Increase connectivity among members interested in spatial statistics applications.
  • Provide a summary of recent research papers and codes in the topic of spatial statistics applied to agricultural systems.
  • Collaborate in the organization of symposia and workshops related with spatial statistics applications.



  • Create a database of current relevant papers on spatial statistics applied to the agricultural sciences.
  • Develop a repository of codes (basic and advanced) for spatial analyses.
  • Coordinate a workshop on using the R statistical programming language.
  • Coordinate a symposium on spatial statistics applications, in collaboration with the "Precision Agriculture Systems" community.
  • Explore other opportunities to contribute to review articles and to symposia with The International Precision Agriculture Conference.



  • Send us your recent research papers to include them in the database.
  • Send us annotated code you have used to perform spatial statistical analyses.
  • Volunteer to coordinate one of the activities mentioned above.



Asim Biswas

biswas [at] uoguelph [dot] ca

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