Soil-Plant-Water Relations Community

The Soil-Plant-Water Relations Community is an ASA Community within the Climatology and Modeling Section.

This community will focus on improving knowledge in soil-plant-water relations (SPWR) in response to changes in climate, current advancements in crop genetics and management and use of extreme/marginal environments for crop production.  It will promote understanding and identifying opportunities in systems approach in crop production, incorporating advances in development of approaches and techniques in measurements and identifying the knowledge gaps in soil-plant-water relations to support climatology and modeling.  The SPWR community will interact with members from SSSA divisions S1 and S6 and CSSA division C2 to advance the research in soil-plant-water relations.
The SPWR community will be interested in understanding the processes important in soil-plant-water relations and their incorporation in modeling.  The community focuses on advances in measurement techniques and their use in current research efforts and identifying knowledge gaps and research priorities in soil-plant-water relations to address changes in climate, genetics and management.  Community will promote utilization of measurement techniques in root, soil moisture, and plant water status, determining critical growth stages of crops for moisture stress and impact of soil-water on crop yield (crop specific knowledgebase).


Leader: Dr. John J. Read, USDA-ARS, Mississippi State, MS;  Vice-leader: Dr. Sangu Angadi, New Mexico State University, Clovis, NM
Call for Papers for the 2016 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ  - November 6-9
March 15 - Abstract submission opens
2016 Community Activities
Session I: Oral presentations
Session II: Poster presentations - Includes Graduate Student Poster Competition
Symposium co-sponosored with Airborne and Satellite Remote Sensing: Soil Moisture Sensing for Crop Health Assessment and Management
Joint Symposium - Session Description:  Soil moisture sensing through either contact or remote technology captures soil-plant-water information that relates closely with plant water availability and use.  This session addresses measures of soil moisture and their relationship with plant health status, crop growth and development (e.g., canopy cover/structure), crop productivity, soils management and response to agronomic inputs.  Innovations in remote sensing technologies that can inform plant health assessment, growth simulation models and crop management, including the timeliness (i.e., output delivery time) of data from a satellite, airborne or UAV platform will be featured.  Participants will gain insights into opportunities for improving crop productivity in relation to soil moisture status.
Graduate Student Poster Competition - Guidelines and Awards:  The purpose of this competition is to recognize professional achievement of young scientists. Abstracts must be submitted through the ASA Section: Climatology & Modeling website then 1) select Poster (General SPWR I) session and 2) specify that the paper is to be entered into the Graduate Student Competition. Presentations will be judged by individuals appointed by the Community Leader and Vice-Leader. Evaluation criteria (equal weighting) will include rationale and objective, research methodology, interpretation of results, contribution to knowledge and clarity of presentation. Awards for best poster presentation will include $100, a certificate and recognition on the Community webpage and announcement to the Community members.
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