Soil Health Community

Healthy soils are the foundation of current and future agroecosystems and are essential for long-term environmental sustainability. Producers and land managers are seeking support and guidance from the scientific community to understand and interpret soil health indicators. The Soil Health Community will be an organizing body that will bring together agronomists, crop scientists, soil scientists, producers, and others. The community will showcase the latest findings from studies of soil health and facilitate collaboration between members and nonmembers with an interest in soil health. This community will provide a venue to discuss, promote, and evaluate soil health topics while fostering information exchange and building a strong scientific basis to promote soil health across diverse management systems. We anticipate that an identifiable community dedicated to soil health will also attract new members to ASA.


The Soil Health Community is dedicated to furthering the science behind the concept of soil health and promoting the role of soil health in understanding and improving agroecosystem productivity, efficiency, resilience, and adaptability.  Assessment of soil health focuses on quantifying the relationships among soil health indicators and relevant soil functions, such as nutrient cycling and availability, water infiltration, soil structural integrity, and crop productivity.  This community will focus on the latest findings from studies of soil health including the development of new and sensitive biological, physical, and chemical soil health indicators, the assessment of relationships among soil health indicators and soil functions, the application and interpretation of soil health indicators, and the effects of agronomic practices on soil health.  Ultimately, this community will support a deeper understanding of the soil health impacts of agronomic management practices and the potential benefits of conservation management practices in crop production systems and working grasslands.


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