Precision Agriculture Systems Community

The Precision Agriculture Systems Community is an ASA Community within the Agronomic Production Systems Section.

The conflicting needs to increase crop production for food and bioenergy, while simultaneously reducing carbon, water, and energy footprints make it imperative that sustainable agricultural systems be developed that will do more with less.  We believe this can be accomplished through the implementation of locally-based adaptive landscape strategies that engage ecological concepts through the pairing of landscape features with agricultural systems in time and space.

Precision farming is based on our ability to manage local topographic relief and regional moisture and temperature gradients through the use of fundamental ecological principals to improve outcomes.  Conventional management largely ignores almost all of these variables and uses a single management system across a wide array of conditions.  Precision farming, however, uses ecological based principles, plant genetics, technological advances in planting and application equipment and plant and soil sensors, and knowledge to vary management to improve system efficiency, resilience, and adaptability.  The precision farming agricultural system community will investigate linkages between all components of the agricultural system including economics, crops, pests, livestock, and wildlife.

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