Organic Management Systems Community

Organic Management Systems is an ASA Community within the Agronomic Production Systems Section.
About the Organic Management Systems Community
The Organic Management Systems (OMS) community is dedicated to furthering the science of organic/ecological agricultural systems. It does this by fostering information exchange between members and nonmembers at symposia, workshops, and other community-sponsored activities at the annual meeting and through other appropriate venues.  Community efforts are designed to facilitate collaboration between members and nonmembers with an interest in OMS and the ecosystem services that result from their adoption.
Rationale for OMS 
With the establishment of the USDA-NOP within the USA and similar organic programs  around the world, it is imperative that an Organic Management Systems (OMS) community be established within ASA.  Certified organic food production must conform to a unique set of standards and different cultural practices than typically are followed in other forms of agriculture.  Research in support of organic agriculture is both relevant and needed when conducted within the context of the certified organic standards.  A community of scientists with a focus on OMS will be positioned to serve in this capacity.  We anticipate an identifiable community dedicated to OMS also will attract new members to ASA. 
Recent Research
Email OMS Community Leader Eric Brennan at  if you would like to post a link to your recent organic agriculture research:


2017 Symposium: Engineering Solutions and New Machines for Organic Agriculture

Weed and fertility management continues to be of the biggest constraints in organic agriculture. Cover crops are frequently cited as part of the solution, but also introduce new challenges. There is a need to develop new machinery that optimizes manure integration, weed control, and planter technology in cover crop-based till and no-till organic systems.



‘Sustainability Challenges in Organic Agriculture’ 2016 Symposium 
Organic practices have evolved over time and will likely continue do so as new products and methods are developed, and as scientific research provides new insights into more sustainable strategies.  There are many valid questions and concerns about whether current organic regulations are adequate to ensure that certified systems are consistent with sustainability goals.  The 2016 symposium used a novel format  five minute videos followed by equal time for discussion.    Below are links to where you can find these videos in the order that they were presented at the symposium.  The titles with an * are on Youtube, and those without and an * are only available on the Confex site

Organic Agriculture  - A Regulated, Sustainable Standard (McEvoy)
Practitioners’ Perspectives on How Organic Rules Meet the Challenge of Sustainability (Delate, Wills, Frantzen, Rosmann)
*The Ideological Challenge Of Organic Farming (McGuire)
*What Our Organic Gardens Taught Us About The Challenges Of Organic Regulations (Cavigelli, Tomecek, Brennan)
*Organic Grain Production in the Southern United States:  How a System of Do Nots Creates Sustainability.  (Reberg-Horton)

The Challenges of Starting New Organic Dairy Farms  (Griffin)   
*Closing the Loop - Growing Nitrogen, Conserving Carbon, and Keeping the Ground Covered in Organic Grain Systems. (Gurda, Silva)
*The Path To Sustainable Nitrogen Management:  It’s Time To Get Serious.  (Drinkwater)
*Sustainability Problems With Repackaged Synthetic Nitrogen In Organic Agriculture (Brennan)
*Managing Irrigation For Multiple Goals In Organic Systems:  Integrating Productivity With Sustainability. (Schmidt, Scow, Herrera, Wang, Gaudin)    

Sustainable De-Intensification or Intensification – Can We Assess Progress Using A Soil Organic Matter Based Index of Sustainability? (Lynch)    


Video Making Tips and Tools

-Tip for 5 minute Ignite talks that may help with video making

-ABT:  The DNA of Story,  2 minute video by Randy Olsen author of 'Houston, We Have a Narrative' and 'Don't be Such a Scientist' on how NOT to BORE your audience. 

-Camtasia Studio Screen capture video editing software


Organic Management Systems Regular Sessions at the Annual Meeting
Abstracts are now being accepted to OMS's Regular Sessions at the ASA/CSSA/SSSA Annual Meetings:
Organic Management Systems - Oral Session
Please note that we now have a graduate student competition integrated into our general oral session.  We heard from multiple members that we were losing too many graduate student presentations to other sessions that included a competition.  So please encourage your students to submit.
Organic Management Systems - Poster Session - includes a Graduate Student Poster competition!