Nutrients and Environmental Quality Community

The Nutrients and Environmental Quality Community is an ASA Community within the Environmental Quality Section.

Nutrient loss and water quality degradation are important issues within the agricultural and urbanizing communities in the US and worldwide. This Community expands the scope of the SERA-17 workgroup to include nitrogen and phosphorus.

This Community brings together research scientists, policy makers, extension personnel and educators to develop and promote innovative solutions to understand and prevent nutrient losses from agriculture and urban land uses.

Specific Community interests include:

  • Best management practices (BMPs) to reduce N and P losses to surface waters in erosion and runoff (surface and subsurface).
  • Nutrient loss assessment tools, including validation and improvement of the Phosphorus Index site assessment tool.
  • Innovative approaches to reducing nutrient imbalances at the field, farm and watershed scales.
  • New technologies to reduce the nutrient losses from the land application of manure and biosolids.
  • New soil testing methods to identify critical areas for potential nutrient losses.
  • Facilitate information transfer from scientists and practitioners to aid in nutrient management related policy formation by federal, state, and local agencies.