Managing Denitrification in Agronomic Systems Community

The Managing Denitrification in Agronomic Systems is an ASA Community within the Environmental Quality Section

Many of us in ASA are working on methods to reduce nitrate loss from fields by enhancing denitrification, and this community provides a working group and forum for this research area.

Loss of nitrate from agricultural systems to ground and surface waters is a well-documented environmental problem from today’s agriculture, leading to local (e.g., drinking water contamination), regional (e.g., hypoxia of coastal waters) and even global (e.g., nitrous oxide emissions) issues.

This Community brings together researchers, policy makers, local, state, and federal agency employees, extension personnel, NGO’s, companies, and educators interested in developing, understanding, evaluating, and promoting methods to reduce nitrate loss from agricultural systems through enhanced denitrification.

Specific Community interests include: buffer strips, constructed wetlands, bioreactors, saturated riparian buffers, denitrification walls and trenches, managed drainage, and other systems that allow for management of nitrate loss through denitrification, in both tile drained and non-tiled regions.

We plan to promote these technologies for treatment of appropriate point-source waste discharges. Both positive and negative aspects of managed denitrification are included (e.g., nitrous oxide emissions). We hope to facilitate transfer of results from scientists to practitioners and to federal, state, and local agencies.