Integrated Pest Management Professionals Community

As a group of professional practitioners, the ICCA program has been approached to help bring a perspective to Agriculture that comes with working closely with growers and cropping systems. While it is possible for the program to engage one person to address these questions, we can more accurately represent a broader view when we can engage many CCA’s and scientists (ASA members) in the conversation. This community is meant to focus on IPM issues and provide a framework to carry on discussions of those issues as well as provide the opportunity for leadership/members to advocate for these issues whether as representatives to industry, government organizations, or other related groups. Current topics that may be discussed include:  Weed/Pest/Fungal Resistance, Common Language on Labels for Treated Seed, Innovative and Traditional Research Advocacy, Risk Mitigation in Areas Dealing with IPM such as Pollinator issues, Drift Management and Personal Protection Equipment.

To provide a venue for ASA members and certified professionals (CCAs and CPAgs) to discuss, evaluate and communicate issues and educational opportunities that are identified by the ICCA IPM Rapid Response Team. To provide a pool of qualified certified professionals that are ASA members to draw from when the ICCA program is asked to provide a certified professional to participate on a committee and/ or to present/testify/advocate on requested IPM topics. This will also facilitate other organizations to link with ASA/ICCA through the IPM Community as potential organizations have already expressed interest in doing so.

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