Global Digital Soil Map Community

The Global Digital Soil Map Community is an ASA Community within the Global Agronomy Section.

Globally ecosystems have been undergoing profound and accelerated change threatening the functioning and sustainability of agricultural production and natural systems. To assess the distribution, patterns, and evolution of soil properties at a global scale under imposed pressures of land use, management, and global climate change poses new challenges. There is need to synthesize our knowledge on digital soil mapping and integrate digital soil maps into agronomic and environmental applications and models. Global soil property maps are critical to preserve soil resources and crop yield in support of soil and food security. To assess the risk, vulnerability, adaptation, and mitigation potential of soil/agro/eco-systems in a rapidly changing world facing population growth and human-induced degradation of soils requires concerted efforts of agronomists and soil scientists around the globe.


This community:

  • Facilitates collaboration to develop digital global maps of soil properties
  • Fosters inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration among agronomists, soil, environmental and geospatial scientists
  • Develops concepts for integral soil-agro maps/models in support of soil and food security
  • Organizes symposia, topical sessions, workshops and co-publishes proceeding papers and other publications on the topic Global Digital Soil Mapping