Gaining Access to Agronomic Inputs Community

The Gaining Access to Agronomic Inputs Community is part of the Global Agronomy Section


The challenge to feed 7 billion people today and 9 billion in 2050, will rely heavily on more yield per unit of soil under production.

No doubt this will require improved access to modern agricultural inputs (e.g. seed, fertilizer, pesticides, irrigation, etc.) by smallholder growers in the developing world combined with extension efforts to educate growers on how to use such inputs properly in intensified, sustainable crop production.

Numerous barriers exist to the distribution of agronomic inputs to the world’s farmers in developing countries.

The ASA Global Agronomy Section has the experience and network of contacts necessary to overcome such barriers to access and impact on smallholder farmers in the developing world.

This new Community, Gaining Access to Agronomic Inputs (GAAI), will focus on improving access to and education about for modern agricultural inputs that will ultimately improve yield and reduce farmer risk, including:

  • Evaluate and remove barriers hindering smallholder grower access to modern crop inputs.

  • PlantSupport extension programs that educate growers on the benefits and proper use of inputs.

  • Empower and encourage entrepreneurship of local, input distributors with sound business practices.

  • Private and public agronomists working together and sharing experience to improve farming practices where the lack of agronomic inputs has been most limiting to crop yield.

The 2017 symposium and business meeting are being planned for this fall to be held in Tampa, Florida on October 22-25 at the International Annual Meeting, Managing Global Resources for a Secure Future. Please consider attending and contributing towards this community. ASA abstracts can be submitted Feb 28 - May 23, 2017.

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