Crop Irrigation Strategies and Management Community

The ASA Crop Irrigation Strategies and Management Community is within the Agronomic Production Systems Section.

The Crop Irrigation Strategies and Management Community has the goal to advance innovative production practices to coordinate available water resources to meet crop demand for optimum water productivity.

Members will discuss research that investigates, using field plot techniques as-well-as computer crop growth simulation methods, irrigation management approaches while interacting with related communities and members of SSSA Soil and Water Management and Conservation division, for example.

Irrigation must coordinate complex application scheduling, made more sophisticated by a growing array of local and remote sensors to quantify soil-plant-water relations, within sustainable production systems.

Many irrigation water sources face decline or greater demand by competing municipal, industrial, or commerce interests that intensify the challenge to develop irrigation strategies for long-term sustainability. This community will identify the knowledge gaps for optimizing irrigation strategies and coordinating holistic production management with contributions ranging from macromanagement application timing to adapting conservation tillage practices and crop rotations.