Animal Agriculture and Environment Community

The Animal Agriculture and Environment Community--an ASA Community within the Environmental Quality Section.

To meet current and future global food demands animal agriculture systems make intensive use of land and water resources and agricultural inputs. Yet, the capacity of available natural resources and technologies is uncertain to ensure both sustainability of animal agriculture and global food security. This community seeks and encourages scientific exchanges and sharing of information among scientists, educators, extension practitioners, regulators, policy makers, and producers on the nature, inherent risks, inevitable costs of, and solutions to environmental issues associated with animal agriculture.


Some major areas of interest of our Community members are:

  1. Safe use of manure nutrients through more effective animal management and nutrition.
  2. Management and utilization of manure in farming systems to protect soil, air, and water quality.
  3. Grazing management, stocking rate, animal behavior and movement effect on soil, water, and air resources.
  4. Treatment technologies to abate environmental pollution and produce valued byproducts from animal wastes.
  5. Environmental fate and transport of pathogens and pharmaceutically active compounds from animal agriculture, and strategies to reduce their potential public health and environmental effects.


Why you should join our Community:

Are you working on cutting edge research in animal agriculture management and protection of the environment?

Does your work involve new tools, technologies, or materials to foster a sustainable animal agriculture?

Do you have new ideas or innovations that are worth sharing with others?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you should join our Animal Agriculture and the Environment Community.

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