Agronomy in Africa Community

The purpose of Agronomy in Africa is to facilitate communication to enable scientific and academic exchange and collaboration for research and other activities in and for Africa. The community’s mission is to facilitate communication of agronomy in Africa by organizing symposia and workshops as appropriate at the Annual Meetings to promote information exchange and enable collaborative research, extension, education and service in agronomic and natural resource sciences relevant to Africa needs and opportunities. It will be a platform to exchange ideas and experiences on forward-looking agronomic solutions for the future of agronomy in Africa, including crop and soil science, land resource management, and environmental quality. The community will address some crops that are often considered horticultural including pulses, potatoes, and banana. Agronomy in Africa is expected to attract increased academic and practitioner ASA membership and more participation in the Annual Meetings. It will illustrate to students that this is an exciting field of work with opportunities to apply advances in agronomy in contributing to improved livelihood for many people who are especially vulnerable to impacts of some global changes.


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