Advancing Agronomy via Public-Private Collaboration Community

The Advancing Agronomy via Public-Private Collaboration Community is an ASA Community within the Education and Extension Section.

Declining public funding and staffing of academmic programs require new approaches to overcome current and projected human resource supply and agronomic research practices that do not offer proprietary returns.

Community goals include:
  • create common messages promoting careers in agronomy
  • collaborations for recruitment and education of the next generation of agronomists
  • identify new skills and expertise needs of future agronomists
  • do collaborative public/private extension/outreach efforts
  • access and share agronomic data for public education and communication

    CSA News


“Public-Private Collaboration to Advance Agronomy” article from CSA News, March 2012

In these times of dwindling funding of agronomic research, some feel that more collaboration among private- and public-sector agronomists is needed to help sustain the research and technology development for the future. Done right, these collaborations don’t just infuse public research and extension programs with needed money, proponents say; they can also boost the legitimacy of work done by both companies and universities and strengthen the agricultural community as a whole. But getting them right also isn’t easy.

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