Recent Publications by Grad Student Members

It's no secret that graduate students work hard. We like to celebrate the accomplishments of our student members. Following is a list of recent publications by our current and recent graduate student members.

  • Chintala, R., R.K. Owen, T.E. Schumacher, K.A. Spokas, L.M. McDonald, S. Kumar, D.E. Clay, D.D. Malo, and B. Bleakley. 2014. Denitrification kinetics on biomass and biochar amended soils on different landscape positions. Environ Sci Pollut Res. DOI: 10.1007/s11356-014-3762-2.
  • Nico, M., C.M. Ribaudo, J.I. Gori, M.L. Cantore, J.A. Cura. 2012. Phosphate uptake and vegetative growth promotion in glucose exuding plants (Oryza sativa) inoculated with Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria. Applied Soil Ecology61:190-195.
  • Nico, M., D.J. Miralles, A.G. Kantolic. 2015. Post-flowering photoperiod and radiation interaction in soybean yield determination: Direct and indirect photoperiodic effects. Field Crops Research 176:45-55.
  • Nico, M., A.I. Mantese, D.J. Miralles, A.G. Kantolic. 2016. Soybean fruit development and set at the node level under combined photoperiod and radiation conditions. Journal of Experimental Botany 67:365–377.
  • Sintim, H.Y., A.T. Adjesiwor, V.D. Zheljazkov, M.A. Islam, and A.K. Obour. 2016. Nitrogen Application in Sainfoin under Rain-Fed Conditions in Wyoming: Productivity and Cost Implications. Agron. J. 108:294–300.
  • Sintim, H.Y., V.D. Zheljazkov, A.K. Obour, and A. Garcia y Garcia. 2016. Managing Harvest Time to Control Pod Shattering in Oilseed Camelina. Agron. J. 108:489–494.
  • Sintim, H.Y., V.D. Zheljazkov, A.K. Obour, A. Garcia y Garcia, and T.K. Foulke. 2015. Influence of nitrogen and sulfur application on camelina performance under dryland conditions. Ind. Crops Prod. 70:253–259.
  • Vero, S.E., Antille, D.L., Lalor, S.T.J. and Holden, N.M. Field evaluation of soil moisture deficit thresholds for limits to trafficability with slurry spreading equipment on grassland. 2013. Soil Use and Management.
  • Vero, S.E., Ibrahim, T.G., Creamer, R.E., Grant, J., Healy, M.G., Henry, T., Kramers, G., Richards, K.G., Fenton, O., 2014. Consequences of varied soil hydraulic and meteorological complexity on unsaturated zone time lag estimates. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology. 170: 53-67
  • Fenton, O., Vero, S.E., Ibrahim, T.G., Murphy, P.N.C., Sherriff, S.C. and Ó hUallachain, D. 2015. Consequences of using different soil texture determination methodologies for soil physical quality and unsaturated zone time lag estimates. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology. 162: 16-24


If you are a graduate student member, you can have your publications listed here by submitting them to Magali Nico Please follow the same formatting as above.