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Nutrient Management and Water Quality: Toolbox for Success

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An American Society of Agronomy webinar sponsored by Verdesian Life Science.

Sustainable Water Quality from a Nutrient Management Perspective.  This webinar examines:

  • Current status of nutrient management fertilizer application regulations
  • Means of nutrient loss / nutrient inefficiency in agricultural production
  • Water quality impacts of excess / inefficient nutrient application
  • 4-R nutrient Stewardship
  • Nutrient management Best Management Practices and technologies to improve water quality
  • Sustainability

CCA/CPAg: 1.0 Soil and Water Management
CPSS/CPSC/CST: 1.0 Professional Meetings

Speaker Information:
Sam Feagley Ph.D
Professor, and State Soil Environmental Specialist
Texas A&M University Agricultura & Life Sciences

Dr. Sam Feagley is a Professor at Texas A&M University and State Soil and Environmental Specialist for Texas AgriLife Extension in College Station, Texas.

Dr. Feagley earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Texas A&M and his doctorate from the University of Missouri. He has received the Irrometer Award and is an Agronomy Fellow.

Dr. Feagley is a master teacher, having trained undergraduate and graduate students, teachers, extension clients and stakeholders. He is the coordinator for the Texas Nutrient Management Certification Short Course in conjunction with Natural Resources Conservation Service. Dr. Feagley also helps present Surface Mine Reclamation Workshops to public school teachers yearly. He has received numerous teaching awards from Louisiana State University and Texas A&M.

Dr. Feagley specializes in Soil Environmental Chemistry and is known nationally and internationally for his research in nutrient management from organic and inorganic nutrient applications, land reclamation of surface-mined lands, saline/sodic soil remediation and revision of the Texas Phosphorus Index. He has authored over 50 peer-reviewed publications.

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Soil & Water Management   1.0
Professional Meetings (PM)   1.0

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