Awards Help

Helpful Hints for the online Awards Program
  • References can now upload their letter as a PDF (two page maximum).
  • It is best to always enter a Society primary email address. Use our Member Directory or Certification Directory to look up their Society email
  • Add your secondary email at My Account to have the awards system also recognize another email for you
  • Upon entering the Nominee email, an email is sent from Nominees can view the nomination, but only the primary nominator can edit and submit the nomination.

  • Upon entering a Reference, an email is sent from containing instructions to submit the letter. When references submit a letter, an email is sent to the nominator.

  • Use the Member Directory or Certification Directory to assist you in completing a nomination, including a nominee's leadership and committee service.

  • To bring in formatted text from Word, first copy the text in Word, then in our Awards Program, click the icon “paste from Word” in the formatting toolbar.

  • Character limits include all text, punctuation, and spaces.

  • You can edit a nomination up until the final submission deadline.

  • Nominations are not considered complete, and will not successfully submit, until all reference letters are submitted. Nominators: Monitor reference letters and submit the completed nomination by the final submission deadline.


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