Annual Reports


A - Land Management and Conservation Section - Officers (A018)

2011 Annual Report

Land Management and Conservation Section


 October 17th 2011

San Antonio TX


Chair:  Tim Reinbott, Superintendent Bradford Research and Extension Center, Columbia MO

Chair Elect:  Tim Cary, Research  Agronomist, ERDC-CRREL, Hanover NH

ASA Board Rep:  William “Bill” Heer, Past Chair, Assistant Professor, Kansas State University, South Central Experiment Field, Hutchinson, KS.

 Call To Order:  Tim Reinbott

Introductions-Section members were introduced that represented both Communities.

ASA President –Past ASA President Fran Pierce-thanked Tim for his service and gave a brief overview of ASA and where it was headed.

ASA Board Report-Bill Heer- ASA is in good financial situation and the surplus funds-$41,800 was being reinvested in the Sections and Communities as part of Reinvest ASA.  These funds would be dependent upon the financial situation each year.  For example 2008 there would have been no funds available.  He then further discussed Reinvest ASA where each Community would receive $750 to spend over a two year period.  Each Section would receive $1,000 from Program Enhancement funds that must be spent the year allocated.   The remaining Program Enhancement funds would be awarded on a competitive basis and based upon the number of papers presented at the previous meeting.

ASA Board Reps are meeting monthly via telecom, there is some concern that ASA membership is decreasing,  “Save our GPS” is program of interest.

Turned over to Tim Cary

Section Wide Symposium Ideas

Section agreed to host a graduate student oral presentation competition with three prizes (1st place $500, 2nd place $300, and 3rd place $200.  The prize money is to come from the $1000 given to the section from ASA headquarters.  The motion was put forward by Alan Torbert and seconded by Bob Lacey.  The motion carried unanimously.

Three ideas were put forward for section wide ½ day symposium

  1. Conservation Buffers
  2. Biomass production intensively managed versus extensively
  3. Innovative uses of cover crops

It was asked that the section chair send an email survey to the section members to determine the symposium for the 2012 meeting. 

Election of Vice Chair and ASA Board Rep

A motion was put forward by Bill Heer to switch the candidates for Vice Chair between the two communities present in the section, such that the candidates for Vice Chair to be elected in 2012 would come from the Military Lands Community.  The following year the two vice chair candidates would come from Agricultural Experiment Station Management Community.  Motion was seconded by Heidi Howard.  Following discussion the motion passed unanimously.

For the ASA Board Rep candidate selection it was decided that one candidate would come from each section.  The two candidates are Timothy Reinbott and Alan Anderson.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:00 PM

The Section Hosted a Symposium:  Agricultural Experiment Stations in the South Central and Southwest:  Success and Challenges

Each Community also hosted an Oral Session and Poster Session and Co-hosted an Oral Sessons.  The Ag Experiment Station Managment Community also hosted an Agronomy Tour on Wednesday. 

Community Meetings were held after the Section meeting.

It was decided in each Community that the Chair and Vice Chair would remain the same in 2012.


Items Requiring Board Attention:

Members of the Committee:

Timothy Reinbott (Presiding Chair, Land Management and Conservation Section)
Timothy Cary (Vice Chair, Land Management and Conservation Section)
William Heer (Board Rep., Land Management and Conservation Section)

Prepared By:

Reinbott, Timothy M.