Annual Reports


A - Agronomic Production Systems Section - Officers (A012)

2011 Annual Report

2011 Section Business Meeting

Agricultural Production Systems (APS)

October 19, 2011



Presiding Section Chair: Kathleen Delate

Vice-Chair: Jim Doolittle


Review of section Activity – K. Delate

-          APS is the largest section of ASA with 10 active Communities

-          APS sponsored 4 symposia and 16 topical sessions at the 2011 Annual meeting

-          Communities were encouraged to keep active and seek/utilize Program Enhancement Funds

-          APS Section Chair for 2012, Jim Doolittle, was introduced

-          APS Section Vice-Chair, Neil Hansen, was introduced


Comments provide by ASA President Fran Pierce

-          2011 meeting attendance estimated to be 4,100

-          Society membership is down a little, but graduate student membership has increased

-          Reminded Community Members and Section leadership to forward symposium and topical session ideas to the Board by November 18, 2011

-          Challenged members to think outside the standard symposium and topical session structure and maybe propose a hybrid session with an invited speaker sets the broad stage and ASA members following with supporting presentations.

-          Presented a Certificate of appreciation to Section Chair Kathleen Delate for her dedicated service over the past year.


Nominations for APS Section Vice-Chair

                Pat Carr

                Calvin Trostle


Nominations for APS Representative to the ASA Board

                Drew Lyon

                John Schmidt


Nomination for ASA President-elect

                Drew Lyon*

*Subsequent e-mail requesting withdrawal of name due to current work commitments


Items Requiring Board Attention:

Members of the Committee:

Kathleen Delate (Presiding Chair, Agronomic Production Systems Section)
James Doolittle (Vice Chair, Agronomic Production Systems Section)
Robert Mitchell (Board Rep., Agronomic Production Systems Section)

Prepared By:

Delate, Kathleen